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School Program

This is Fe y Alegría’s most extensive program. In the educational centers of Fe y Alegría, a comprehensive educational proposal is developed for children and young people from the most impoverished sectors. It has 176 schools at the different levels […]

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University education

Fe y Alegría university centers are an option of Popular Higher Education for life and are meeting places for university professional training with an emphasis on human formation, based on human and Christian values ​​and academic excellence. It privileges the […]

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Fe y Alegría Radio Institute (IRFA)

Founded in 1975, it is present in 21 states and develops literacy programs and activities, first and second stage basic education, and technical secondary education in the youth education modality. They currently offer blended and distance education to young people […]

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Father Joaquín López Training and Research Center

This is the center of the service of the programs, which stimulates, guides and accompanies educational processes, to generate pedagogical theory around Popular Educational Models in the formal and non-formal sphere. It was founded in Maracaibo in 1991 and took […]

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Other initiatives

Teacher Training Farming Schools Programs for Mothers Promoters of Peace Training in Values and Citizenship Training and Promotion of Small Businesses (SMEs)

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