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Many thanks to our Venezuelan community for putting hope into action!

17Sep 17
Friends of Fe y Alegriìa table at the stadium

We want to express gratitude to our Venezuelan diaspora community, and our friends and neighbors of Miami for giving us the chance to share the cause of Fe y Alegría at the Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Dodgers Game, on Saturday, August 27 at the Loan Depot Park. With your support, we all won!

Nelson Ramírez, Lesly Simón, Flor Alicia Anzola, Daniel Naim, Reynaldo Díaz y Grisel Masso

We especially want to thank all of our fellow Venezuelans who came to our Fe y Alegría table at the stadium and who shared with us their own experience as alumni of the movement.

Alberto Villegas, Irismar Camacho, Marina de Villegas, Arturo Rojas

Friends of Fe y Alegría Miami is grateful to recognize the support of all of these individuals and the invaluable and generous gesture of the Marlins who are donating a portion of all ticket sales from the game Marlins to support Fe y Alegría, a popular education and social promotion movement in the service of Venezuela.

Zairena  Barboza y Marina de Villegas

For more than 67 years, Fe y Alegría has brought quality education and opportunity to thousands of children, generation after generation. Their work speaks for itself.

Throughout 2021-2022, Fe y Alegría served 10,825 children in 116 preschools. It educated 50,853 children in 138 primary schools, 41,367 in general and technical careers, and  2,713 university students in five colleges. It also added 140 undergraduate teachers to the schools. Fe y Alegría assisted 760 people through extension courses at these universities. It also operated six special education centers and supported the indigenous child and youth population through eleven educational centers with bilingual intercultural education. Through distance education, 10,120 young people and adults were taught in its 23 centers.

Fe y Alegría also celebrated the graduation of 4,192 young people as technicians in over 30 productive trades.

Now with your invaluable support, you will make our work grow. Thank you, thank you very much. We continue to work together at and you can learn more at